Aztecasplants is a mexican family-owned company that was stablished in the import and export of various herbal products including raw materials, herbal extracts, essential oils, standardized extracts and potentiated extracts.

Our story

Our company boasts a rich heritage in the herbal industry, spanning three generations.

Our founder´s grandmother was a traditional healer renowned for her expertise in herbal remedies. Similary, our director´s father was also a skilled herbalist, and our director has specialized in Phytotherapy for more than 30 years.


We are registered FDA exporter and a member of Mexican importer register

Wholesale Herbals

We offer vast range of wholesale Mexican herbs, along with international agreements for trading Indonesian and Egyptian herbs.

Retail Herbals

While we do sell retail, our main focus is on providing herbal extracts per liter and raw herbs per pound to distributors. Our extracts are of the highest quality, and we offer a variety of milling and sieving options to suit our client´s specific requirements.

Extractos Herbales Galenus

Our Brand, Extractos Herbales Galenus, is manufactured in small batches to ensure strict quality control standards. We use fresh planta material and adthere to good manufacturing practices, resulting in high performance herbal extracts.

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